Friday, December 2, 2011

{So-Very-V3} : Blush & Gold, Blush & Silver Wedding Inspiration!

Happy Friday Friends!
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful December afternoon :) If you have a few minutes to get some fresh air, I highly recommend it! It's been so windy the last few days but in south OC the breeze and the sunshine feels glorious right about now. Baby B and I took a nice, long walk this morning and now she is snoozing in her swing while I skittishly catch up on work and emails. Such a good baby :) Speaking of babies... the count is now five, yes FIVE, former V3 brides with a little bun in the oven as we speak-- and THREE former V3 brides with newborn babies in 2011! I don't know if there's something in the water, some extra loving in the air, or maybe it's contagious on facebook?! Seriously though, talk about a baby boom!! It's so fun to get to see them prepare for and celebrate their next major milestone in life. I even have the honor of helping with plans for a couple baby showers - so excited!
Anyhow... I wanted to quickly share these lovely little inspiration boards that I put together for one of my clients. The bride's style is super girly, romantic, elegant, and glamorous. {If it's not obvious, this look is one of my ultimate favorites!} She knew she wanted to use blush pink and ivory but was not sure on an additional accent color so I threw together these collages to help her decide.

Which is YOUR favorite??
Blush with gold/champagne accents
-or- Blush with silver/platinum accents
Quite honestly, I'm OBSESSED with both! ;) They are both just so beautiful and timeless! Steph, your wedding is going to be drop dead gorgeous {like you!} I can't wait!!
Hope you all have a most wonderful weekend!


  1. Both are so beautiful!! If i HAD to pic a fave, it'd be #1! =]

  2. Me too Candice!! They are both so dreamy and I'm trying hard not to play favorites but the champagne and soft pinks are flirting with me! ;) SWOOON!


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