Monday, May 2, 2011

Snapshots : Kristianna & Bryan's Wedding!

It's been entirely too long since I've checked in here but hang in there folks... I got lots of fun posts and exciting updates in the works! But first, here's a little Before & After snapshot I took of Kristianna & Bryan's reception set up at the Laguna Cliffs Resort.


The Richard Henry Dana ballroom never looked better!

That's my talented friend, Mr. Gavin Wade, standing on that chair taking some {waayyy cooler} room shots! I can't wait to share the photos that he and Erin took of K&B's big day! Here's one more quick snapshot of our lovely bride to hold ya over. Be back soon!


  1. Gorgeous!! And I love Gavin Wade, he is awesome. I hope all is well Vanessa, some day we will meet ; )

  2. Vanessa you transformed this place into the perfect wedding for these two! You're so gifted and it's always such a pleasure working with you! You rocked it. Can't wait for next time :)


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