Friday, December 31, 2010

V3 Weddings : 2010

It is no secret that 2010 was a tough one for me. When I lost my sister to lupus earlier this year, I lost my assistant... my partner... my best friend. Nothing can really prepare you for something like that and for someone who usually knows how to act and react to most situations, I found myself, well... lost. I would've been nowhere at all without my faith, my family... and my job.

At each and every wedding I work, there is a moment... a pure, unrehearsed moment that just jumps out and grabs me right in the chest. It's that raw moment that makes everything- the months of planning, the running around, the Plan B's- absolutely everything, worth it.

The same is true in life. They're often times overlooked, but these moments exist in the every day and they serve as gentle but obvious reminders that life and love, though sometimes crazy, chaotic, and even painful, is still worth it. And because I have the job I do, if ever I get too busy in life to notice that moment, I know my next reminder is only a wedding away :] So when I say I am honored to have worked with the clients and the weddings that I have, it is so much more than that... I am blessed, abundantly.

It seems only appropriate that as we close the book on another year and another chapter of weddings, we give one last look at some of those uncut moments that brought us so much joy throughout the year :]

Happy News Years Friends!!!



  1. What a very difficult, yet rewarding year for you. I'm so proud of all you accomplished. What an amazing job you have using the talents that God gave you! Jen Broas

  2. Thank you Jen! I am so so grateful to you for your prayers and support this year. Your friendship has truly been such a blessing :) Happy New Years!


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