Friday, March 5, 2010

Snapshots : Lindsey & Bryce's Wedding!

Here's a little confession... I always {no really, like, always} sneak in at least one iphone picture at all of my weddings. I can't help it. I can be running around - double checking last minute details, fixing boutonnieres, lining up parents, checking in with vendors, grabbing water for a thirsty guest, & holding 11 miscellaneous things - and yet still, I somehow manage to snap at least one quick photo of my brides & grooms stealing kisses, holding hands, doing their newlywed thing. I snap. I giggle. And later, store it in a folder that makes up my screensaver slideshow. It's what I do.

What I rarely ever do is tell anyone. Or send them to anyone. Or post them on my blog. However, I did post a few of them this one time and I had 2 of my former brides email me asking me if I had a picture from their wedding... The answer is yes! If I was your lucky coordinator, I most certainly have a sneaky cell phone pic from your wedding. Email me if you don't believe me! ;)

Here's the purpose of this post... {there's a purpose, I swear!}

While I have always and will always leave the photo fixes to your lovely photographers, these uncalculated images bring me all sorts of delight. These snapshots are the closest I can come to freezing time, to bottling a feeling, to explaining how blessed I am to do the job that I do. I plan on sharing some of them with you from time to time, in a new blog feature I am calling "Snapshots". Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do =)

Without further ado, here are a couple snapshots from Lindsey & Bryce's El Adobe wedding...

{Updated to add: I just found out that Lindsey & Bryce's wedding is going to be featured on the 100 Layer Cake blog in about a week's time! *SQUEEEELLL!* I can't wait to share their insanely cool photos from my girl, Noa, at Feather Love Photography; she's equally amazing!}

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