Thursday, March 18, 2010

L&B : El Adobe, San Juan Capistrano Wedding

My dearest Lindsey & Bryce have been making their rounds on the blogosphere this week, and rightfully so! Their notable San Juan Capistrano wedding was the most perfect fusion of handmade, heartfelt, and hands-down lovely. I could not have dreamt of a more perfect day for them if I tried.

I wish I had the words to describe how much I love Lindsey & Bryce. I wish I could explain to you how fitting every last detail was. And while I'm at... I wish I could make you understand how terribly awesome Noa is for bringing their day alive again through these pictures. Goodness gracious, these pictures!

In every way... Perfection.

Lindsey's dress was exquisitely made just for her by her good friend, Alex Stone.
Seriously now... how gorgeous does she look?!

I absolutely love downtown San Juan Capistrano. It is full of interesting backdrops for photos. We didn't have to go far for these photos however. El Adobe de Capistrano houses tons of great spots!

Lindsey's maid of honor, the uber talented Melissa Loschy, made these awesome knuckle rings for each of the girls! She also was the talent behind their save the dates, invites, and programs.

When we sat down 9 months ago to talk details, I knew we couldn't go wrong since Lindsey & Bryce vowed to incorporate only those things which meant something to them. We stacked vintage books as centerpieces {many of which were from their own personal collection}. L&B actually went through and personalized each and every book by writing a message to each of their guests so they could take their book home as a favor. The mason jars and old school medicine bottles were from both mine and Lindsey's collections of household items and we used these as vessels for flowers. We tied in a few other quirky elements such as bookmark escort cards, a typewriter guestbook, and sheet music pom pom balls. There was a mismatched charm to each table which we knew would just work with the look.

When this wedding was first featured earlier this week on the 100 Layer Cake blog, I immediately got a lot of questions about the cupcake stands and where to get them. Quite honestly, this was a very last minute DIY project. We unsuccessfully searched around for cupcake stands that would fit the look and hold 200 cupcakes, but I ended up convincing Lindsey to let me make something that went with their theme. We modge podged the heck out of those boxes using pages from vintage encyclopedias and magazines. I loved how they turned out.

Oh and YES, those cuppy cakes are as wonderfully delicious as they look! The flavors: Chocolate-Covered Banana, Tres Leches, Dilly Dilly {my favorite! it's lavender and lemon} and Whiskey and Beer. Thank you Sweet Emilia Jane for the sweets :)


Lindsey & Bryce - Having known you two both individually and as a couple has given me so much joy over the years. THANK YOU for simple being your fabulous selves, for being my dear friends, and for allowing me to share in your very special day. I love you both to pieces and wish you a lifetime of blissful days like this one ♥

Thanks to the ladies at 100 Layer Cake for featuring this wedding! You can check it out here.

And hugs to Noa at Feather Love for sharing pics with us! There's tons more cool photos from this wedding on her blog. Click HERE to check it out!


  1. I love the vintage feeling that the photographer gave these photos. Simply, beautiful!

  2. I am looking to contact the designer if someone could help that would be great.


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