Thursday, October 1, 2009

THiNK PiNK! : Featured Faves In support of BCA Month

I'm all about a cause. Anything having to do with charitable work, philanthropy, humanitarian efforts, and giving back is built into my DNA. Also built into my DNA is the ever present risk of breast cancer. Sadly, this malignant tumor runs deep in the roots of my family and hits very close to home having affected both my mother, grandmother, and several close relatives. As with many forms of cancer, knowledge and understanding of the disease is one of the best measures of reducing risk and working towards prevention. October means a lot of things to me {my birthday month!} but I always get excited to kick off the month by doing something to increase awareness and encourage others to support fundraisers for research into its cause, prevention and cure!

That said, might I inspire you to THiNK PiNK! this October! All month I will be featuring adorable products that would not only make for fabulous gifts for brides/bridesmaids/girlfriends/etc., but a portion of sales from all these items are donated to charities in support of breast cancer awareness :)

Sprinkles Pink Ribbon Cupcakes
Shop October 1st thru October 7th!

And my personal fave... the Dogeared "Find A Cure" necklace
{My sister got me this Dogeared necklace 2 months ago as a bridesmaids gift & I've worn it nearly everyday since! I am in love with the company and their products! They make for such fabulous little gifts - make it personal by choosing a different piece for each of your bridesmaids!}

“We are not interested in the possibility of defeat.” Queen Victoria

Thanks for your support!

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  1. Thanks for giving pink the publicity. Too many of my girls are struggling against the disease.


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