Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Chic - Centerpieces

As a designer, he is brilliant. As a host, he is fabulous. As an author, he is currently dominating my wedding library!

Colin Cowie's new book, Wedding Chic, recently debuted and is already in my Amazon cart. I snuck a few photos from his website as teasers. Enjoy :)

I love these wheatgrass wrapped votives - so cool.

On a side note - I am currently permanently on a floral kick! Thanks to these and a few other fantastic reads I have learned more about wedding flowers in the last few months than I could have ever imagined. I have to hand it to floral designers. It's so much more than an art, there is a complete science to all of it! I am so in awe of their talent!


  1. Yummy details! Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Oh my wowness! you're blog site makes me want to get married ALL OVER again!

  3. Beautiful! Your blog always holds such inspiration! :)

  4. Love that dainty white arrangement at the bottom. So petite and pretty!


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