Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrate Generously

Since we are celebrating the act of giving thanks this week, we want to commend the many couples who are incorporating philanthropy into their weddings — either by asking guests to give to charities on their behalf or by donating money themselves to celebrate their big day. Giving back on your wedding day is such a thoughtful idea and is super simple thanks to the wonderful ideas and programs brought to you by the I Do Foundation.

The I Do Foundation provides a variety of donation options and wedding services to help engaged couples make charitable giving a part of their wedding. One of the simplest ways to support charities is to register your wedding with the foundation's gift registry program. I Do has partnered up with an impressive list of popular retailers such as Macy's, Crate and Barrel, and Amazon to set up gift registries that give back. These retailers will donate up to 10% of all gifts purchased from your registry to a charity of your choice. This service is offered at no additional charge to you or your guests, and is so easy to set up! For a full list of partnered retailers and to see more ideas of how your wedding can be a charitable event, please visit the I Do Foundation website.


  1. That's what we did! We gave everyone Scleroderma Foundation bracelets because Bern's sister had passed away from the disease and we put a note in the box, letting our guests know that it was In Honor of his sister that we made a donation. It's a growing trend!!!!

  2. We have an Amazon registry but didn't know this was available. We are definitely going to set it up!


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